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      Inkjet-plate (CTF) Film
      Inkjet-plate (CTF) Film

      Weak solvent transparent sheet (BFS-T)

          The film is a film on the coated PET film base acceptable dyes and pigments for ink-jet printing made of plastic coating. Film has a coil and sheet specifications. Coil widest 1520mm. Base thickness 100-125um.

          Mainly used for screen printing plate. Water-based inks and dyes can be water-based pigment ink printing. Also in other areas such as: field of sign making, decorative and other general application, such as ink-jet printing, drying after coating and printing images are waterproof, print after a good long-term preservation.
          Companies supporting the supply of special-plate printing ink. Applicable EPSEN, HP and other inkjet printers, continuous, leaflet printing.

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