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      Single color inkjet printing film
      Single color inkjet printing film

      Model: PC-(Ⅰ / Ⅱ) - (150/180) - Monolithic Specifications
      Medical digital color inkjet printing film
          Digital color inkjet printing medical film in recent years is to promote an international and domestic new digital medical imaging film, single-sided digital medical imaging color inkjet printing film selected optical grade polyester film MPET high temperature heat-setting process as substrate, the mechanical strength of the material, geometry stability, good transparency, environmental pollution, through multi-layered coating from production. Its surface is coated with a thin film on both sides waterproof nano-color inkjet print water-soluble polymer material dye and pigment ink receptive coating, white translucent matte film surface shape.

           Single color inkjet printing firm medical imaging film coating, water resistant, color inkjet printing medical images rich colorful levels, reflecting the density and transmission density was significantly better than similar laser printing film, which will help doctors correctly diagnosed.

           Single color inkjet printing film suitable for medical imaging doctors use a pen, a ballpoint pen to sign the habit, the doctor signed long-term preservation.

          Single color inkjet printing medical imaging film common specifications are: A3 + A3 A4 B5 and 430mm * 36m roll



      [Applicable]: Inkjet Printing
      [Department] Application: B ultrasound, fundus, endoscopy, colonoscopy, colposcopy, endoscopy

                           CT, CR, DR, MRI, 3D reconstruction
      Product Features and Benefits]:
          HD is capable of printing various types of medical film medical imaging, material surface white, after several coating processing, image color, image clarity, water resistant, do not fade, oil pen handwriting available, easy to use, economical and environmental protection, in line with medical imaging international standards, to meet the development trend of the world's medical imaging, clinical imaging is the best choice for printing. It is a combination of the advantages of traditional medical film and eliminate the shortcomings of the medical piece of paper, the combined medical film from the new definition, a rising star in the medical imaging industry, is associated with medical digital imaging products for the core business of the new products.

          Color inkjet medical imaging film is more adapted to the modern medical imaging output trend, not only for the face (reflection), but also for perspective (transmission effect). Changed the traditional concept of film only to see the lamp mode.


      [Film Parameters:
             1 Maximum resolution:. ≥ 9600dpi

             2 base film thickness:. ≥ 125 / 150μm

             3 Film thickness:. ≥ 150/175μm

             4 Maximum transmission density ≥ 3.8D

             5 maximum reflection density ≥ 2.4D

             6 can be used for inkjet printing

             7 for dye ink and pigment ink

      Recommended Printer Type: A4 format EPSON L801
      A3 + format EPSON 4910

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